Alleged Arabian spring

27 10 2012

Alleged Arabian spring.

Youth of the middle& small capitalist class held a big demonstration due to scientific revolution at communication & internet. They wanted freedom, social justice, stopping of corruption. The demonstrations were everywhere while leftist power was on the head & leading the demonstration. All slogans were leftist “bread, freedom, social justice, human dignity”. Muslim brotherhood decided not to share the activists & other political power the demonstration on 18 of January 2011. People decided to stay at tahrir square but the police evacuated it by force using teargas, water & spreading bullets. Youth insisted to continue there was small collection at 26,27 at January. But the biggest day was “Friday of anger” at 28 January. Demonstrations were everywhere & even from low socio-economic suburban like imbaba , bolaq , shupra, etc… Due to the big numbers of protesters, the ministry of interior fall down & the army spread at squares & streets under cover that it supports the revolution and will not shoot the youth. Then they free the prisoners to make security problems & cause fear every-where , the regime ordered the Muslim brother hood (M.B) & their servants to be at tahrir square & make the square a place for praying. Here the revolution has become stolen & the deal between supreme council of armed forces (S.C.A.F) &(M.B) under American supervision was done. The deal was to change the way of demonstrations from social justice and freedom to those that serve the zio-american project which is called the new middle east in other words, the American domination on the regime. They made a deal with islamists because they are regressive power , pragmatic and always in service of the imperialism. The big Egyptian capitalism had to sacrifice with the head of the regime “Mubarak” after the entring of the workers as an organized power and also after calls for general strike and civil disobey since 8th of February. They moved Mubarak away and get karazai of Egypt “morsy” after a transitional period managed by S.C.A.F with the same policies of Mubarak’s regime not only this but the number of prisoners who arrested and judged about 12000 in military courts and if we compare this with the number of military judged prisoners during 30 years we find it huge . in addition to bad laws that threaten private and general freedom and against demonstrations and strike as we see it against workers to prevent them from playing their role in the political map in the future . The deal between M.B and S.C.A.F had a condition that M.B will hold the political authority and leave the S.C.A.F with its political and economic advantage as it is , as the reports said that the S.C.A.F has about 40% of the Egyptian economy as the national service companies, farms, petrolium, contract companies as Wadi el Neil company and companies managed and owned by x-generals, so the S.C.A.F became a dealer of the people wealth also became a part of big capitalism which will not build an independent national economy because of the global capitalism which ruled it will not let itto do this as this will affect the economy of the global capitalism. The catastrophic poll on march 2011 which Islamic power pushed in direction of agreement to satisfy their master, at S.C.A.F, and Americans to the point that they were very happy for the result (which accepted a constitutional changes) which made by Tarek Albeshry and Sobhy Saleh who are members of M.B and the S.C.A.F chose them at the committee. The result was unfair as there was a big using of political money and religions propaganda. When youth collection , revolutionist and progressive power felt no changes under ruLing of S.C.A.F . they held demonstrations at squares on 8/4/2011 and 27/5/2011, the M.B and oter islamists sais that this is a Friday of strife between hall army and the people. The deal needed alegal political presentation for Islamists so the constitutional proclamation of the S.C.A.F agreed to be parties for them on religious base, in addition to exploitation of all media and news agencies Arabic or foreign which are in the service of imperialism to push indirection of winning of Islamists at elections to contain the demonstrations and continue the domination project of American on the region. It’s not a secret that U.S.A sent a lot of messengers officials and retired diplomat to M.B and their guidance office to make sure that they will be their agents at the region , but it was not enough for M.B so they sent a committee from their party to united states to reassure their masters that they will execute the new middle-east project, no touch and no threatening to the Zionist country and no affection of imperial interests. It’s very strange that U.S.A accepted M.B at Egypt and Tunisia at the same time it refuse them at Gaza although it’s known that Hamas is the military wing of M.B . When U.S.A felt that youth and progressive power refuse the u.s-zionist project and the demonstrations were in front of Zionist embassy at Giza accompanied by an obvious refuse for colonial politics , U.S.A had to re-assure Israel that who will rule should secure Israel so they sent carter and Hilary Clinton , and others . nearly one or two of big American officials every month at least . As S.C.A.F was not a part of the revolution and the demands for leaving authority had been urgent from all political and revolutionist currents and powers, their intelligence offices and studying centers ,didn’t find any power better from M.B to do the role of agency because they are a part of the capitalism class for example Khyrat El shater who called the ironman at the M.B has more-then70 companies at Egypt only and the reports said that his financial capital is about 13 billion L.E., in addition to Hassan Malek and others, also money which came from K.S.A and Qatar directly to the M.B by American orders. But unfortunately they promised Egyptian people with strong social and economic improvements against his political program. This program which U.S.A press said that it’s righter than one of national democratic party. The program of M.B. depends mainly on direct investment from Europe , American , east Asia and U.S. now Europe is in big crisis as the economies of the Greece which will be outside Europeans union in about 1.5 year , Cyprus , Portugal , Ireland and Spain the fourth biggest economy at the continent beside the suppressed position at England and the changes at France. All that forced European countries to hold austerity plans while there is big popular refused for those plans which fasten the capitalism collapse . On the other side U.S suffers from a very big financial crisis since mortgage crisis at 2008 in addition to exhausting of the U.S army at Iraq and Afghanistan due to the national resistance to the point that the military solutions aren’t enough. The economies of east Asian states suffers also since electronic bubble crisis at 2003 and it weren’t a productive economies. So Morsy will have to go to gulf area to get a new investments but it will not be good for gulf states to improve situation at Egypt to not to threat their thrones not only this but there is a semi-official refusal from U.A.E to Muslim Brotherhood and their regime specially their gulf groups. So there is a big question from where Morsy can get the money needed for his project and promises?! United states didn’t find other way to dominate the region expect public alliance with turkey, Jordon and some Lebanese powers to occupy the last stronghold of resistance to their colonization which is Syria for 1.5 year of Syrian that we didn’t deny that the Syrian people have legal demands with changes , freedom and social justice that the regime didn’t insist on it at the last years , but U.S and its agents mobilize mercenaries from Syria , Egypt , Tunisian , Jordan with promises of paradise and women After death , side to side with foreign mercenaries. All those are supervised and supported financially and logistic by U.S intelligence at turkey and Jordan to do nasty operations as murdering, stealing , burning and explosions. We found at the center of all this the media “Arabic and global” which changes the situation at Syria as if the Arabic Syrian army is an army of invasion and the mercenaries is an army of free men not only this but called them “free Syrian army” and we insure that , they are just mercenaries . but the imperialism has disappointed after 3rd veto from Russia and china and their support for Syrian people and refusal of foreign interference, on the other hand the prejudice of Arabic Syrian army to the people and country after assassination of its leaders at Damascus. The agents didn’t find any way expect the old slogans of protecting human rights and we ask them if they are honest why their silence on repression of people at Bahrain and sending a foreign forces from K.S.A to support Hamad’s regime isn’t this an invasion?!. Also repression of people at marginalized areas at east of K.S.A why they are silent?! The Syrian crisis created a new global situation , the unipolar world is over and the multipolar world is now in beginning due to the Russian-Chinese axis and the friendship between latin America & Syrian people and their supporting to Syrian people at their crisis. This crisis that we insist that there is no solution expect dialogue inside Damascus only not at intelligence nests. The Tunisian people still on the way to continue what began at 2011 and the president stated that the probability of new revolution is big as the demands of people didn’t achieved yet. The protesting movement even from youth or workers collection continuous and will not stop until removed of the Nahda regime forever. After N.A.T.O interference at Libya as a colonization forces, the foreign countries hurried to make use of reconstruction project after controlling of Islamic militia on the situation. The Libyan people refused the Islamists and the civil power won at the elections with majority and the Libyan people at ten years from undemocratic practice more a-ware with the disadvantages of Islamic rule after controlling the situation by Islamists at Tunisia and Egypt. Now it became obvious what we were saying that turkey and its role as an agent for global colonization and it’s evident at opening its borders for mercenaries that supported from western countries to go inside Syria. So we insure that turkey is involved in Syrian blood. The colonization and its agent markets Turkish regime as a democratic project and we insist that it’s a new Othman project which is an agent for domination. The Turkish regime and Ardogan the agent forgot while he demands the freedom for mercenaries at Syria the fascist Turkish army and its invasion and bombing for villages at Turkey & kills civilians who are not guilty but just because they are Kurd. Is this regime is democratic or fascist?! This replies for those who were happy to meet Ardogan at Cairo as he is the waited Khalifa to free humanity. They disappointed also when he said that secularism of turkey not the Islamism of Ardogan is the cause of what they call progression at turkey and see it as the Islamic wanted dream. The revolutionary communist party see that the Arabic spring held by people mainly for freedom and social justice but have been contained to serve the Zionist-U.S project which new middle east and to keep the security of Zionist state and keep the American domination on the region. Agents leaders have been changed with other leaders agents too but at new style which is Islamic style but Syria is standing against this project supported from the power of Russian ,Chinese and Latin friendship power. Revolutionary communist party see Morsy and M.B extension to the past regime and they will not present solutions to the people problems as poverty, unemployment , chronic diseases and illiteracy but he deals with Egypt as charitable organization and demands people to do the executive role of the officials to cover the austerity politics which started to save money for their imaginary expenses. It’s obvious that mandatory collecting of fees of cleaning and demanding people to clean the street and collect rubbish is a new austerity policy . Finally we insure that the regime at Egypt didn’t changed its still a capitalist regime and yield economy wants to make poor people more poor and rich people more rich . we say that morsy and his project isn’t not a way from this regime but a part of it. Revolutionary communist party sees the solution at solidarity of all Egyptian people with leftist power and progressive power for socialist revolution {workers, people and youth} for complete radical change Socialism is the solution

Revolutionary communist party


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