International Monetary Fund

15 08 2016

Great Egyptian people

Egyptian youth who are the present and future of Egypt

Dear comrades

During the massive crisis that Egyptian people pass which represents at increasing prices in a crazy way daily , the regime disparages the people and make a convention with International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get 12 billion $ loan for 3 years. Its known that IMF and its history of dealing with a lot of countries has a very un fair conditions against poor people , workers and thdir allies from pessants.

This conditions are :-

– cancelling supply totally for all commodities.

– ending of general sector completely.

– privatization every thing like necessary utilities( health, education etc…)

– give the business men and investors all freedom to steal and exploit the Egyptian people

– connect the Egyptian market with global capital more and more which led by USA that dominate the IMF with complete dependence on American Imperialism and excuting all its orders even sending our army to serve the imperial project at the region this end any patriotic adjective claimed from this regime which became an excutive tool at hands of IMF.

The regieme and its choir telling us lies that there is no conditions for this loan although the declarations of IMF negotiators at Cairo that was in public insisted on economic conditions like cancelling supply , taxes of added value and reform the laws of investment (to facilitate the organized steal . This was confirmed by what have been published at global economic magazines and IMF website. All this under the rule of fascist military regime proclaiming patriotism , selling all country, make people starve , shooting who demand better life for people and those who defend poor people and country against selling.

For example , tomorrow at 16 aug. 2016 the workers of navy arsenal (civilian workers) will be send to military court at Alexandria city because they demnded their rights at earning their life.

This military fascist regime has no hope at national project at industry and agriculture to save our country from poverty, hunger, unemployement and dependence but it became a symbol of dendence and an evidence for it. Which type of disparage the regime do as if there is no Egyptian people?! . Once it surperises people by selling land of country (Tiran and Sanafir islands) to his boss from Al Saod family that are agents to American imperialism after negotiations more than three months without informing the people and with premeditation of blackout on it or publishing any news about it. Rima do it again and again (Egyptian proverb) and the regime disparage again the people and surprise them by success of negotiations with IMF also this negotiations last for more than 3 months with out any declarations. We ask which negotiations will be in the future?! Which is hidden is more ( Egyptian proverb) .

Does the solution come by borrow money from outside with very unfair conditions to destroy the country and people?! Or at national project (industry , agriculture etc..) to acheive national independence and limit the import of commodities and product instead of this?!

Heroine masses :-

there is no hope completely at this regime and there is no solution only masses confrontation to regime and policies to end it and the masses should adopt the national project as astart for independent country and happy people which is :-

– Restoration of public sector without any conditions , restart of closed factories and development of national industry to satisfy all people demands.

– Begining at real agriculture project depend on scientific ways which is suitable for our country and self efforts of Egyptian prople.

– The army should go back to its barracks and get hands over all projects that should be managed by civil sectors with popular tight control , cancelling military courts completely and cleansing the judiciary to ensure independent fair trials with out any military or Sovereign intervention

– limit the ownership to became no more than 100 milion L.E. containing lands, companies, cash and real states for the family and nationalize the rest of wealth to get self supply to the country so can finance the projects.

Great Egyptian people , all oppressed and hungry you have no other hope just your struggle you will lose nothing but chains, there is no deference between the death from starvaton or death while demanding rights , you should sacrifice your freedom.

Long live working class and its allies from pessants and revolutinary students struggle.

Long live communists struggle.


15 Aug. 2016




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