TRUMP – US presidential election

23 11 2016

Dear comrades .

    We followed the news about the U.S. elections and Trump winning as a 45th president of U.S.A. and we as a R.C.P. -Egypt see that what ever the results of the election the final results would not be different. The choice between donkey and elephant is voting on one choice but with different faces. What U.S. propaganda want to convence us with the alleged democracy is in fact the dectatorship of the minority. This one choice or one system is the continueous rulers who is petty bourgoisie that produce illusion as services not producing products.
The  undifference between both democratics and republicans not because of therer is no difference at policies between them but because they both  are a representatives for the continuous rulers who actually rule wall street system.
Trump addresses about the economic policies that he tends to style are tries to save the economy of U.S.  which is in crisis, in the same time its for gaining the American voters. Trump himself knows that the crisis is bigger to solute by just a new american president with alleged new economic policies as he is a marionette at the hands of the continuous rulers who turn from production of products to production of services which is the main cause of the crisis . Those rulers depnded on industrization outsid borders of U.S. as a main center, they shift to production at semicolonized countries because cheapness of materials and labour forces.
Imperialism was export its products , now the new sysrem depends semi-totally on the crossborders giant companies to facilitate stealing of people wealth allover the world.

      The racist addresses of Trump do not differ from Obama government. In presence of Afro- American president the violations againist minorities specially Afro-Americans didn’t decrease but increased. We saw a very huge demonstrations at U.S.  against those racist policies and one of them is shooting Americans from African roots by police, so there is no difference.
For the forign policies of Trump there is no difference but the shape only is different. All of them want to control semicolonized countries even directly by military invasion as republicans or by gangs which made inside the CIA as happened during democratic rule period.
For the effect of Trump winning on environment is no also  difference  from winning of democratics. The American government whatever it was do not respect any international treat at protection of environment or any other. It destroys environment outside at borders of other countries or inside U.S. itself. We all know that international treats and laws  work only on semi-colonized countries or what so called 3rd world. During Obama presidency destroying of large areas of woods happens to get out the stone gas side by side exporting environment pollution industries to semi-colonized countries as cement, ceramics and energy stations that use cool etc.
The continuos rulers that that actually in authority do not concern with planet, environment or people they only concern with earning money even if it is harmful to the planet and its people.

Central Committee
International bureau





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