“About the situation of class conflict at Egypt & the faith of popular uprising with the mission of communists”

30 04 2016


Dear comrades

Red greetings

What happened and still happeninig at Egypt one of the most translator about the class conflict. After two uprisings , Egyptian people -specially political power- wished to be one of them a real revolution for charge , but what happened transformed the wish from revolution to uprising due to weakness of organisations and absence of political party able to organize the people after long duration of military regime (old-new) marginization of all political power and used to make the awarness of Egyptian people shallow.

Yes , it was agreat popular uprising and the wishes of changes were huge what made it two uprising instead of one which makes the counter-revolution reply in avery violent & strong to defend their presence , the presence of great capitalism , the military generals who are partner of this capitalism at domination and control of Egyptian people wealth . Not only that but the generals become agents for group of agents instead of direct agency on top of them K S A and Gulf countries. We put some axises to clarify the class conflict, what happened at Egypt , our goals and strategy to face octobous of military regime as follows :-

1-Absence of political freedom , the security fist , dealing with peaceful demonstrations as crime , sending intellectuals and democratics to the prison , illegal detention and random arresting :-

The regime suppress by his security fist all people who are defending or suspecting to defend the freedom and rights of Egyptian people and the cases of forced dis-appearence is much and still continue not only for Egyptians but also non Egyptians as the italian researcher “julio reginey” . The disappearance is was not the end but torture , killing , hide the killed people , which makes the European parliments recommended to cut the military and economic aids with more investigating at case of “julio” case.

The regime co-operate with the regressive power & religious power all of them as it is un able to solve the economic crisis , social affairs , political and freedom cases. He requested help from “AL- AZHAR” – which is an official regressive religious establishment- which was ready to accuse the writers and intellectuals as non religious -kofar- and form commitees to fight against the thoughts and thinkers. It resulted in sending some of writers to prison by the middle ages charge ” insulting the religion” . The regime found all of that not enough to falsificate the Egyptians awarness which made him to to demonstrate help from Salafist power “an other regressive religious power” which was clear at the parliment elections as an example. The situation is still as it was before and the popular problems specially economic increase as majority of small factories collapsed side to side with crafts men and workers layoffs which increases the un- employement rate day after day. The regime began to play his old game “coallition with the right fascitic regressive terrorist wing of the regime “Muslim Brotherhood” he returned to make deals with them after the Egyptians dropped them from the popular memory after the very strong uprising (30/6) affect the brotherhood not only at Egypt but also at alot of countries at Middle East even countries that support them as Turkey for example. The regime recently made -Morsi- the brotherhood president as an innocent and dropped death sentence , which was the juge of the people to remove and drop the brotherhood from history. That was a clear start of evidence about deals behind closed doors.

The military regime don’t know or understand the democracy or freedom & knows only one language suppression and more suppression. The regime accuse any one who suspected to say one word against it and the charges are extremely strange ; for example accusing one of our comrades as he was at 25 january uprising !! as if 25 january is acharge !! , an other comrade accused as he demonstrated againist Sadat regime (1971-1981) !!. This is the truth about tge regime who sees th january 25 as a catastroph or set back.

The second axis is the reconciliation with the capitalist , try to make the satisfact , open door to investment men side to side with cancelling support which make the prices of goods , fuel and essential needs and services increases.

After the prime minister declaration about the government work plan that was in front of parliment which wasn’t new and he insisting on his tendency to cancel the support completely and style the policy of colonization under the slogan of investment. It was so ckear at address of general Sisi at all international conferences and his invitations to chaina , russia , france and other capitalist states with promises of cancelling or reducing taxes and easify all methods of stealing wealth of Egyptians. This military fascistic president went at avisit to south korea which is a base for american forces to abort all people trial for socialism to end poverty, exploitation and hunger. This state which U S A threaten through it the democratic republic of korea and its people by nuclear bombing as happendd before at WW2 at the catastroph of Herochima and Nazzaki nuclear bombing. This is the policy of war and colonize the world by controlling the wealth of people at the planet so we ask which policy is this ?! and why visiting south korea instead of democratic korea ?!its clear as those generals are ageents for imperialism and for local agents at the area to dominate and steal allover the ground . Some people specially some political power see that the regime reconcilliate with business men again through action of reconcilliation who are suppoesd to nationalize their wealth who steal it from people wealth as Hussein Salem, Ahmed Ezz and others but we see that its not completely right as the regime wasn’t in conflict at any stage before to reconcilliate with them but it was tactics to get out of problems which faced the regime since 2011 or even before at 2005 when the Egyptian people refused to continue Mubarak as a president and his wishes to make the role heridetary to his son.

The third axis is the Dam of Millennium crisis and the forceful thirst which will affect millions of Egyptians :-

The failure of the regime to reach agoid solution ith Ethiopia to solve the problem of the dam and river nile threaten the people and farming land seriously specially the crops that needs alot of water for irrigation wilk disaopear from Egypt soon.

The problem is not far from Zionist state “Israel” as we saw at news that it is ready to help at solving the problems to get the price from Saini penninsula land. Its clear why the regime displace Saini citizens and attack them in media as they are terrorists, and some of them says its only for facing terrorism. We saw discussions at parliment wanted to displace Saini citizen forcefully which was a cises inside the parliment threaten the membership of its members as Saini representative refuse this and faced it strongly. There was also a press declaration to general Kamel Al Waziery – vice cheif of military engineering – said that Saini citizens are terrorists and we should displace them to face terrorism .

Our urgent mission is the enlightement , revolutionism , culturizing side by side with organizing the neuclei of belshovic party and joining people and defend on patriotic affairs.

We launched from start to organize a strong party to collect the revolutionary youth beside warkers and their allies as poor farmers , small burgoisi and all suppressants at society aiming to make the vision clear and to increase the awarness of poverty.

The revolutionary communist party – Egypt is shearing at building cadres coarses & entering factories , country zones and marginal as we were and still against elite conferences.

We demonstrate to simplify the political address to the people without loss of the political meanings of the class conflicts. Our inner system reflect that clearly as we styled a new condition at Egypt stated that should be two members from every governorate elected at central committee to not to repeate the false of intensifying the members from Cairo and Alexandria “the two big cities” we did that as we follow our great leader Lenin teached us as he invites workers to the international committee and conferences even if their awarness was under developped so we did that to keep the party on the right way. We are sharing patriotic affairs with other comrades and other revolutionary power in a program for real change. We asked for popular committees all over the country to keep the goals and demonstrations of january uprising to reach the socialist revolution to get ride of this capitalism and begin

to preface for socialism.

Long live Marxism Lenninism

Long live internationalism

Long live R. C. P. – Egypt

“”Elshagheela” news paper the inner media of R.C.P.